With years of experience in the construction industry, we offer a clef- offers in-hand for all your renovation, conversion and interior design. You will discover in the different sections, the many services that we can achieve at competitive prices. We also offer you all the guarantees sought to complete your projects.

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Renovation villa: You just bought a house? Do you have a desire for change? Renovating a house is complex and takes a lot of time. You need to have a global vision of your future project.

Heavy Renovation To renovate an old villa or to optimize the space Start renovating requires first not to go headlong, and that you move into a new place or simply want to modernize the building. housing inhabited for a long time.

Renovation pool: Refurbish your pool concrete, tiled or painted! Whatever the state of your concrete pool, we have the solution to remake it to new and give it a new life.

Kitchen Renovation: Do you plan to take your meals daily or from time to time? – Cooking fast or on the contrary taking your time? – Which energy do you prefer: gas, electricity or combined? – What are your needs in appliances ( Dishwasher, oven, freezer, microwave, etc …)?

Tile renovation: A dream that can become reality thanks to your project of easy renovation. You just have to play with the aspect and the effects of materials, while benefiting from a floor easy to ask. It is often not necessary to replace a damaged tile. Sometimes the tiles simply have a visual defect that can be fixed in another way.

Renovation paint Dress up your walls and ceilings as you wish with our wide range of paints, wallpapers and decorative coatings. Boiling materials and colors, collections of stickers and stencils by the thousands, we accompany you in all your decoration projects mural.From the kitchen to the living room, through the children’s room, you will find for sure the paint proper to everyone’s universe: wall painting, decorative effects paintingAll is at your disposal to carry out your project at the best price .

Roof waterproofing gallery And the water stays outside! A roof terrace consists of several elements that it is important to know: the support, the slope of the roof, the vapor barrier, the insulation, the watertightness , openings and protection.The waterproofing of the roof terrace is essential to prevent water from entering the house.

Renovation sealing terrace The waterproofing of the roof terrace is essential to prevent water from entering the interior of the house.When a terrace covers a room, no matter how small (large, habitable, insulated, heated , whether used as storage, it simply remains closed and covered, naturally ventilated or not), it plays the role of roof for this room, hence the denomination of roof terrace.

Bathroom renovation: To define it, the priority is to make sure that the existing installation (arrivals and evacuations) complies with the standards in force, that the room is sufficiently insulated and ventilated. These checks carried out by a professional are essential Before embarking, nothing must be neglected then, it’s time to treat yourself.

Waterproofing foundations Combining waterproofing and drainage systems is the most effective way to insulate the foundations of a building. The coating waterproofs the buried walls, while the drain collects and removes groundwater before it reaches the building.

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