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A roof terrace consists of several elements it is important to know : the support, the roof slope, the vapor barrier, insulation, sealing, openings and protection.
The sealing of the roof terrace is essential to prevent water from getting inside the house.Sealing: essential to a roof terrace.
When a local patio covers, whatever it is small (large, living, insulated, heated, it serves as storage, it simply remains closed and covered, ventilated naturally or not), she plays the role of roofing for local, hence the name roof terrace.
It is therefore to treat this element with the greatest care to prevent any disorder to come, by virtue of its role coverage.
As with any roofing, sealing is required.
Also avoid stagnation of water, promote its removal and fight against its impregnation in materials.
Without this water enters the house and because of the damage it will deal quickly


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