Kitchen renovation

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The development of a kitchen is often a real headache; to remedy this, it is enough to ask the right questions :

 Do you enjoy meals daily or occasionally ?
– Cooking in speed or otherwise take your time ?
– What energy do you prefer, gas, electricity or combined ?
– What are your needs in appliances (dishwasher, oven, freezer, microwave, etc …) ?
– What are your storage needs ?
– The current location of your kitchen is it the best ?
– Is it quite large, ergonomic enough ?
– Is the lighting adequate ?
– Is the room well ventilated ?
– Simple facelift or significant transformation ?
– What style: contemporary, classic or avant-garde ?
There is no perfect or ideal response; the best location is one that fits the best with your lifestyle and room configuration.
Whatever the form of the plan or the chosen location, the key is that you feel good in your kitchen.

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