Bali budget

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Cost of life It is difficult to give a fair indication of prices in Bali, in fact they vary according to the season, the city, the neighborhood, the fluctuating economic climate … Let’s say if you live Balinese by buying your fresh produce in the markets rather than in supermarkets, avoiding imported brand products and tourist places too, life in Bali you appear very cheap. The cost of living in Bali is similar to that of other countries in Southeast Asia and is lower than in all other countries where a French retiree can “live better by spending less.” Real estate value In Bali, as in France, the price per square meter depends on the location of the property, the quality of its construction and the services offered (pool, security …). However, the purchase price and rental of real estate are much lower than in France and you can access a luxury that you can not even imagine to reach by staying in France. A qualitatively similar environmental sector, prices are at the level of those in other countries of Southeast Asia and lower than in francophone Africa, southern Europe and the Caribbean

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